Good Morning,

If anyone is still reading this, I want to let you know that I am coming back.  I lost my scrapping mojo and it has come back.  First I have to unbury all my gadgets and see if the table top is still there.  Because my room didn’t get into such a mess in one day, I know it will take more than a day to get it back.  I can’t wait though. 

In the last couple of weeks, I have been scouring the internet, buying magazines and hanging out at my local craft stores.  And I have missed out on a lot of new gadgets so you can guess what I am asking for Christmas. 

I want to redo this site to make it a gadget review site but also my scrapping blog.  So you will be seeing some changes soon. 

It feels good to be back!!!!



I am sorry to report that I have found a new cutter that I love more that my Cutterpede.  *GASP*  I know, I have loved using my Cutterpede since the first day I bought it.  I have owned every color they made with the exception of the new lavender one.  Yes Ladies, they have made a lavender one.  But I got the MM Trimmer for Mother’s Day and what can I say.  I LOVE IT!!!!  It is a little bulky but ohhhhhh how it cuts.  It will cut the thinnest piece of paper.  

But don’t worry Cutterpede, I will keep you.  You have been to good to give you up completely.

Gadget Girl



Bitten by the bug

I have tried to stay away from this bug for the last 2 years and after spending some time with some people who had already been bitten, I was hooked.  What bug am I talking about?  I am talking about the Cricut. 

The original Cricut came out in 2006 and I thought it was way to pricey for a diecut machine.  I even told my husband that if he bought it for me, I would be mad because I didn’t think it was worth the money.  Then Provocraft came out with the Cricut Expression.  This was a bigger model and more expensive.  And I still held my ground on not owning one.  And after one crop with a wonderful group of ladies that let me use theirs, I was bitten.  I came home and told my husband that I had to get one.  So I started saving my money for the smaller one.  Then when I realized that that the bigger one was just about $100 more, I decided I wanted that one instead.  Two months later and I own the Cricut Expression and I love it.  I am now saving my money for the cartridges. 

For those of you are still on the fence, I have listed the stats on both machines below.  But if you are still on the fence, get one.  I don’t think you would regret the purchase.

    Cricut Cricut Expression
Cutting Sizes   1″ to 5.5″ tall and 11.5″ wide .25″ to 23.5″
Portrait – changes the cutting direction from landscape mode to protrait   No Yes
Mix N Match – allows multiple creative features to be applied to only certain characters.   No Yes
Quantity – allows you to choose number of cuts you want of those selected   No Yes
Fit to Page – maximizes the size of the character on the page, overriding the size set with the size dial.   No Yes
Fit to Length – allows you to set the size of the length of a designated cut.   No Yes
Auto Fill – fills the page with as many of the characters selected on the display   No Yes
Multi Cut – allows you to cut the cut lines of a selected characters two, three or four times on top of the original cut lines   No Yes
Center Point  – cuts characters centered on a designated point   No Yes
Line Return – allows you to create line breaks between cuts   No Yes
Flip – creates a flipped or mirrored image cut of characters   No Yes
Portable   yes Sort of (I think it can be if your very careful with it)
Cartridges   cartridges can be used with both

I really believe it depends on what kinds of projects you plan to do on which bug you will want.

Also, if you find yourself bitten or want to know more, go to www.cricut.com and check out their message boards.  These talented women are great in answering your questions and they have funny to boot.

Gadget Girl






I am back and I have so much to talk about.  I will be updating the blog very soon about my newest toy.  And I know many of you are wanting to know about it.   Do you like that little tease? 

Also, I am going to be changing the blog around a little so please be patient with me.  My good friend Julie has been making some changes to hers and it gave me the motivation to change this one. 



I would like for everyone that bought this thinking it was going to be the next best scrapbooking gadget ever to raise their hands.  Now I would like to see the hands of everyone who still feels that way. 

My hand sure isn’t raised.  I bought this because I was so excited that I was going to be able to change out the fonts.  What a cool idea!  So the minute I could get my hands on one, I bought it.  I didn’t research to see if anyone liked it. Nada nothing.  Just bought it.  And let me tell you, everytime I get it out thinking I must not be doing something right.  I end up getting irritated and going back to my old standby and reliable Dymo. 

I even bought the decorative strips and when I opened the package I was sorely disappointed.  I thought that the strips were like the labels but found out they are just thin cardstock with adhesive on the back.

I tell you this is one product that I wish I hadn’t spent my money on. 

Gadget Girl 

Daisy Bucket Designs


Have you seen their paper?  Or should I say, have you touched their paper?  I bought some of this paper quite a while ago and found it in my stash one night while I was scrapping.   It has the texture of of wallpaper.  I know that sounds weird but I am not sure how else to describe it.  It has a texture to it that I just love.  I love just running my hands over it.  

So one night as I am researching a gadget, I decided to see if they had a website.  I found it and when I did I found more styles than what I have seen so far.  Then I also noticed that they sell acrylic stamps.  And anyone who knows me knows, knows I love my acrylics!!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this company, you really need to.   Just go to www.daisybucket.com.

I know this wasn’t exactly a gadget but I still had to share.

Gadget Girl

A quick apology

I don’t have much time but I wanted to apologize for not updating my blog.  Things have been crazy wild.  I have so many items I want to talk about and so many things I want to share.  I hope you will come back because as soon as things start to slow down, I will be back in full swing.

Gadget Girl